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Company Values

Every part of Centeriver's service is underpinned by three key core values:

Year over Year, We have worked closely with clients across all industries and sectors to improve the culture and communication skills of their employees. We are firmly committed to nurturing the skills of our staff to ensure that our clients benefit from a dedicated and expert team of consultants and trainers.

Continuous investment in new and innovative training and delivery solutions ensures that we are able to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients in today's fast-moving, global environment. It allows us to offer client-focused and innovative solutions that truly meet you and your organization's needs.

Any training initiative cannot be viewed in isolation, but rather in the context of how the training will improve employee/team competency, business performance and productivity. Here at Centeriver, our experience of working with many of the world's leading organisations over the past years has allowed us to gain an invaluable insight into how to deliver culture and communication skills' training that has a direct impact on employee and organization performance. Pre- and postimpact training and support ensure that the impact of our training solutions is benchmarked and measured.

Our vision is to build an effective language and Culture Bridge between English and Chinese speaking peoples for corporations.

  • We will fully understanding your needs
  • We will provide our clients with first class and customized training portfolio
  • We will provide unparalleled customer satisfaction through our courses and overall customer experience
  • We will nurture our employee-team and continually promote measures to increase job satisfaction


  • Results. We are results driven and so we concentrate on progressive, functional, training that focuses on immediate, measurable success.
  • Care. We take care in the initial test stage and Needs Analysis to ensure that the most appropriate course is formulated to best suit your needs.
  • Partnership. We view training as an iterative process and through the effective use of the Oxford Centeriver Learning Management System we will work with clients in order to closely monitor the progress of the programme.
  • Specific. We will work with you to tailor the course content and make it specific to meet your needs.
  • Trainers. Our dedicated trainers are all native English speakers, who are fully qualified, with extensive business experience in western countries.
  • Flexible. Work still goes on, regardless of language training. Therefore, our programme has been specially designed to accommodate day-to-day hiccups in your busy schedule.
  • Value for money -We will deliver to you a most cost effective, customised and guaranteed successful English training programme